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Managing Client Relationships: The Core of Our Operations


IMC’s dual goals of consistently higher returns for our partners and a continuously expanding base of consumers depend on two strong human components:

–          Our team of colleagues
–          Our clientele

Both human components are crucial to IMC’s growing operations in all three divisions. In order for IMC to maintain its leadership position in the healthcare sector, we need to do more beyond physical infrastructure, or maintaining the best modern facilities. We need to protect, preserve and strengthen our human infrastructure as well.

This involves a deeper understanding of the needs as well as the preferences of our clients and partners alike.  Engaging with both groups require listening actively, talking openly, and working closely with them to identify gaps in our service delivery and areas for improvement. For our clients, this means added value from the products they purchase from our shelves. For our partners, this signifies a good return on their investment over the long term.

By placing our clients at the center of our attention, we are able to focus the company’s resources on satisfying and maintaining the loyalty of this vital source of revenue. Whether it’s the regulatory department, finance, marketing, warehousing, human resources, administration or logistics – every department, every colleague has one main focus: Caring for Our Clients.

Managing client relationships lies at the core of our operations. But it also reinforces our relationships with our partners. Understanding their business models, their missions and the key issues that drive their industries obliges us to adopt a new approach to coalition-building. This approach demands transparency in our day-to-day dealings with our business allies. It requires clarity in communicating our shared goals and visions. And it compels us to address crucial issues in a forthright, open and truthful manner at all times.

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